João Neves

João Neves

Software Engineer @ Farfetch


Continuous Improvement enthusiast with a passion for Software Architecture and Agile practices.
As a Software Engineer, João has been designing and developing Microservices oriented architectures and migrating Monolithic systems to it.
As a human being, João enjoys learning new things, finding ways to optimize teamwork and team motivation, closing gaps between technology and business, and is always ready for a good conversation.

Microservices 101

Currently, Microservices are one of the most significant trends in Software Engineering, and a lot of teams are trying to apply it in their systems. The flexibility that Microservices provide is one of the main reasons for this migration of paradigm in software development, allowing technology companies to adapt to business changes faster.
However, as with most trends, they should not be used because a lot of companies are doing it or without understanding if it is the 'right tool for the job'. It is essential to understand what microservices are, their advantages and disadvantages, their use cases, and some common good practices to implement them without risks. Otherwise, some unwanted challenges will be faced, and it will not be possible to obtain the benefits of this architectural style.
This session aims to present some concepts regarding Microservices along with some techniques to implement them correctly. From concept definition to design and migration patterns, to testing and monitoring.

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