Erwin Staal

Erwin Staal

Software Engineer & ALM Consultant @ 4DotNet


Erwin Staal is a .NET Software Engineer and ALM Consultant at 4DotNet (Meppel, the Netherlands). He Iikes like to immerse himself in the latest technologies and is currently working a lot with ASP.NET Core, Docker and Kubernetes. As ALM Consultant he helps companies implementing DevOps, Continuous Delivery and coaches’ teams to become better in Scrum and Agile.

Architecting for Devops and Continuous Delivery

With Continuous Delivery and DevOps we strive to deliver features on demand any time we want. In addition to the changes that this entails in the organization, we will also have to adjust the architecture of our systems. We will have to design our systems in such a way that we can easily replace parts without having downtime. In this session we will discuss a number of architectural concepts and patterns that enable continuous delivery. We will discuss application design and microservices, branch by abstraction, Canary releases and Dark Launching. I will show you how real time telemetry and cloud technologies can help us to gradually roll out our changes to our users in a fast and reliable way.

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