Francisca Dias

Francisca Dias

Data Analyst @ Jumia


Francisca is a Data Analyst at Jumia. She holds a major in Economics and a Masters in Finance. She loves automating routine tasks and perceive trends based on data. From all programming languages, Python is her favorite.

How to predict tags in Stack Overflow questions using Keras

Through the public Stack Overflow dataset, I will predict the topic/label for each given Stack Overflow question. There are 20 labels such as c#, python, css, javascript, androind, iphone, ios, etc, and there are 40.000 questions. I will split the data into train and test. Using Keras, a python deep learning library, I will process the text from both questions and labels. Once the text has been converted to a format Keras can read, I will apply the model. I will then make predictions on test data. I can also ask audience to come up with new questions and ask the model what it predicts.

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