Eduardo Piairo

Eduardo Piairo

DevOps Coach @ Natixis


Deployment pipeline craftsman always ready to learn new ways to implement Source Control, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery for databases, applications and infrastructure. The deployment pipeline it's my favorite technical and cultural tool. DevOps Coach @ Natixis with automation, collaboration and communication as priorities. Background as database administrator with special interest in database changes management and data modeling.

Deployment pipeline for databases

The database development should not be handled differently from application development. Concepts like source control, continuous integration and continuous delivery in order not only to improve the database deployment process but also to narrow down the gap between applications and databases. In this session will explore the different ways how to set up a deployment pipeline for databases. The database can be an Azure SQL Database or a database hosted in a SQL Server, the same concepts should be applied to both. I will explore the different challenges of the deployment pipeline steps: source control, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and how the decisions (migrations vs state approach for example) in each step influences the next steps. The deployment pipeline can be built only for databases, or to include applications in the different steps (can even include infrastructure). I will explore the different/possible configurations of the deployment pipeline while articulating databases and applications.