Pedro Tavares

Pedro Tavares

Software Engineer @ Talkdesk


Pedro is a passionate Software Engineer currently working at Talkdesk. Distributed Systems and Software Engineering best practices bring a big smile on his face. He likes to read books and scientific papers on Computer Science and he's currently running the Porto's chapter of Papers We Love.

Things you should know about Database Storage and Retrieval

On the most fundamental level, a database needs to do two things: when you give it some data, it should store the data, and when you ask it again later, it should give the data back to you. Why should you, as an application developer, care how the database handles storage and retrieval internally? In order to select the storage engine that is appropriate for your application, you need to have a rough idea of what the storage engine is doing under the hood. In this talk, we’ll discuss and examine some core data structures such as Hash Indexes, SSTables, LSM-Trees, and B-Trees, that are used in the traditional relational databases and NoSQL databases.