Niko Neugebauer

Niko Neugebauer

Cloud Data Engineer @ Claranet


Niko Neugebauer is a Data Platform Specialist with over 20 years of experience in IT, he is passionate about Data Platform and Community. Founder of the Portuguese SQL Server User Group, the organiser of the first SQLSaturday outside of North America - #78 Portugal, Niko presented at a lot of events such as PASS Summit, SQLRally, SQLBits, SQLSaturdays around the world. He loves sharing his insight on his blog and is an author of blog series with 120+ posts on the Columnstore Indexes.

Intelligent Query Processing

How smart is your database when processing a request? Can it analyse it while executing? Can it RE-optimise it while executing? Can it give more memory for the execution or chose a different execution path during the process, thus giving your system dynamically so much of the needed thrust ?
Let's take a look at the modern Data Platform offerings to discover who are the true smart kids on the block!