Tiago Marques

Tiago Marques

Senior Frontend Arquitect @ Virtual Identity


Passionate Web developer, focused on building frontend applications in a maintainable, scalable and readable way. I'm also a drummer.

Web-components && The double standard

Web-components have been around for a long time, but few companies are opting to actually implement them in their products. This is mainly due to the double standard that's applied when talking about web-components and frontend development frameworks/libraries (like react or vue). When correctly developed, Web-components should be easy enough to implement/use and easy enough to transition to/from. This talk will show you the key advantages and disadvantages of developing real-world web-components within your own company and hopefully show you and your company how and when you should push for them to be used in spite of any available hyped-tech. Who knows... maybe your boss will give a raise for it?