Sílvia Otto Sequeira

Sílvia Otto Sequeira

Head of UX/UI Practice @ Customer Success | OutSystems


Working as UX/UI Practice Lead at OutSystems, Sílvia leads a global team of designers creating applications for all sorts of companies operating regionally or worldwide. She started (and it seems like ages ago) in Advertising and Publishing, but then turned to the digital world in companies like GuestCentric or SAPO. Her mission is to always work as user advocate by designing better products and help others doing the same. And then writing and talking about it.

Keep Them Playing - Gamification Meets User Experience

Forget about badges or leaderboards. Gamification is more than adding game elements to your application; it’s a whole new way of interacting. It gets you thinking about core experiences, getting your message across, and keeping your users engaged. Because there's so much more to the game.