Ricardo Freitas

Ricardo Freitas

Lead DevOps Engineer @ DefinedCrowd Corp.


Ricardo is a Lead DevOps Engineer at DefinedCrowd Corporation. He focuses primarily on building automation solutions encompassing Azure Devops, Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes and various other tools found in a DevOps toolchain. His background is development and system administration with a focus on security.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) - an end to end case study

Continuous Delivery and Microservices are important topics these days; but they are only possible with an infrastructure that can be adjusted according to demands.
In this talk we will see an end to end example of how a deployment pipeline can orchestrate a release and deploy the right infrastructure to overcome challenges. It will cover additional topics such as:

  • - Managing environments as a code
  • - Providing environments on demand
  • - Increasing velocity
  • - Collaboration between teams

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