Mike Sousa

Mike Sousa

Lead Agile Coach @ kununu


My name is Mike Sousa and I am a (happy) Lead Agile Coach at kununu (a XING company), and a CSP.
My Bio… (https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikemsesousa/)
My main objective is to lead teams to new levels of high-productivity through an Agile mindset.
When I got my Master of Software Engineering, in Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) I became a true “Agent of Change” and it is with that spirit that I want to keep my focus on continuously improve the state of software engineering, creating a truly efficient and human-centered vision of software development.
“Lead by example!” - I want to become a worthy Leader that sets the example for others, allowing teams to perform at their best, growing continuously and achieving high levels of delivery; and ... have lots of fun while doing it!

Agile and Olympic Athletes

Agile is a buzz word and everyone talks about it… but do you know what being Agile really means?
In my talk I will help you understand how you can become a better version of yourself by being Agile. And having an Agile mindset will help you in your work and your life, overcoming complex challenges and growing beyond your known limits.
And Agile does not apply only to software development, it applies to Life.
Looking at the title of this talk you may now be asking on how does that relate with Olympic Athletes?
Come and find out!

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