Márcio Santos

Márcio Santos

Solutions Architect @ Amazon Web Services


Lifetime geek since touching my first computer in 85, a brilliant cartridge based Philips VG-8020 MSX system. Discovered this weird thing called “Amazon Linux” in 2010 and from there to being totally blown away by the possibilities of Amazon Web Services was a matter of minutes. Hanging around with the head in the Cloud since then and proudly helping AWS Customers reap full benefits of what we have to offer since 2016.

Monitoring containers at scale with AWS native tooling

Container-based technologies help materialize microservices architectures, enabling faster and easier development and deployment of services. As the architecture grows, container sprawl becomes a reality and monitoring this tremendous amount of moving parts becomes difficult to scale. This session will analyze how AWS native tooling can provide extreme depths of visibility into container based architectures supported by the awesome orchestration platform Kubernetes.

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