José Santos

José Santos

Head Of Development @ Jumia One


Today I lead development at Jumia One, the fast growing all in one payment application. The Jumia ecosystem exists across sub saharan africa, where connection are mostly 2G and data consumption is very expensive.
With all the technical challenges in front of us, the Jumia One team spend their days by breaking walls through innovation in order to bring high performant and real time experience to his costumers in all platforms.

The state of the web and it's components

Two years ago, we were discussing how the web was changing and getting matured with the introduction to web components. This allowed developers to be more creative and to think out of the box of the HTML5 only standard elements. This allowed to remove many libraries from our code and thus to reduce the overall size of our applications. Later the Progressive Webs Apps were introduced this was possible thanks to web components but also to the change of mindset that if a feature was not available or supported in a specific browser it didn't mean that we couldn't use it. It meant that we needed to think that some users could benefit from it while others would wait a bit longer. Today with that mindset many new standards were introduced in the platform, PWA are a common thing. Let's discuss together where the web stands and how bright the future is.

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