Carlos Palminha

Carlos Palminha

Head of Development @ Nomad Digital


I'm an experienced leader of software, technology and innovation projects, teams and organisations, with more than 15 years deploying, managing and disseminating innovative and agile mindsets. I love to flourish, refactor and lead organisations in the adoption of methodologies, agility and innovation to bring together and fill the gap between business and technology.

Continuous Integration in the microchip and silicon world

Setting up test environments for hardware and microchip projects can take months of development time, with lots of manual work. These activities are very risky because feedback can only occur after producing a test chip or even the final product.
Applying the software development practices known as Continuous Integration to the hardware and microchip design world is now a reality, allowing these projects to start iterating prior to final systems availability, saving months of development time.
This talk describes how the blurred lines between hardware and software worlds are vanishing due to the adoption of Continuous Integration practices. Existing technology helps to merge hardware and software flows, allowing teams to build, test and validate the systems with improved quality, faster and more frequently even before the production of the final microchips.

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