Tiago Sá

Tiago Sá

Customer Engineer @ Google Cloud


Tiago Sá is a Customer Engineer for Google Cloud based in Lisbon, Portugal. Prior to joining the Google Cloud team, Tiago worked with multiple companies in the UK/I, supporting their adoption of GCP. Tiago started his career working for a large networking vendor, focused on networking, infrastructure and security. Having recently moved back to Portugal, Tiago is loving exploring the country and practicing outdoor sports.

Hassle-free Machine Learning - Building on the shoulders of giants

A dynamic show-and-tell talk about how can Machine Learning be at the core of every product and experience created. Google wants to help teams build intelligent products as much as we do, so the focus in on making AI easy, fast and useful for every developer, allowing you to build intelligent apps and experiences, standing on the shoulders of an AI&ML researcher and creator giant like Google.

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