Sasha Fonseca

Sasha Fonseca

Software Engineer @ Talkdesk


My name is Sasha Fonseca and I've been developing for close to 8 years (3 professionally). I've began working at a cyber-security company as a developer of automated systems for security auditions and assessments. Right now, I've been working at Talkdesk for more than a year as part of the Platform team. My main topics of interest are Programming Languages and Software Development Techniques (collaboration strategies; testing techniques; formal verification of software systems); Outside of Software Engineering, I'm an avid fitness enthusiast (been working out for 3+ years) and recently started getting interested in Gymnastics and Calisthenics).

How Static Typing Might Just Save the World

In this talk I'll present a an overview about static typing: What it is (e.g., what is a type system, what type systems are there, which languages implement them) Benefits and disadvantages based on actual practical examples and/or results from reports and studies on the topic What is the current industry trend and opinions towards static typing (e.g., Typescript is becoming quite popular; statically typed languages emerging for frontend development; usage in critical domains like Fintech; dynamic languages trying to use annotations to get closer to static typing) What are the novelty advancements and ideas on static typing (both in the industry and academic) Try to open up the audience's mind to experiment with this kind of languages and convince them static typing isn't a difficult concept or just used by academics