Kyle Knight

Kyle Knight

Sys Admin @ Jumia


Kyle is a Systems Administrator who dislikes most aspects of modern computing, especially the web. He detests bloat, churn, pointless abstraction and complexity in general. He likes simple, well designed, reliable and secure systems and is a strong advocate of OpenBSD. He is more agreeable in person than when writing about himself

Modern infrastructure for the reluctant sysadmin

I want to: * look at how systems administration is changing, and how a traditional sysadmin can adapt to modern infrastructure (cloud, containers etc) * outline the development of our infrastructure and choices in our move from traditional infrastructure to the cloud and containers * teach some hard won lessons about Jumia's move to containers and the cloud, especially with regards to terraform and the hashi stack * inspire other sysadmins that the things they most enjoyed about system administration are available in a modern infrastructure

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