Joseph Younis

Joseph Younis

Solutions Engineer @ Cloudflare


Joseph is Solutions Engineer at Cloudflare, a technophile, and passionate about coding. With over 10 years experience in the industry, his specializations include Python, PHP, and cloud based services. He has worked for companies like Sky and Easynet where he gained experience ranging from on-prem solutions to software development. Joseph graduated with a Masters of Science degree from King's College London and never gets tired of refining and learning new skills.

Cloud Edge Computing

Current web application architectures have code running on two places: on an end user's device (computer, phone, wearable) and on a backend server. Server software can be updated quickly whereas end user software lags. At the same time end user software has very low latency, whereas servers are often located 100s of ms from the end user. A different architecture pushes code into a global network. Code pushed in this way can have fast update times (since it doesn't require updating an end user device) while being at low latency from the end user. Cloudflare's Workers are an example that use rapidly updateable JavaScript deployed across its 151 PoPs around the world. This talk will look at the architecture of Workers and specific use cases.