QA is not what you think!

Marta Torneiro

Quality Assurance (QA) is often seen as someone looking for lots and lots of last minute bugs and mainly being noticed when those are found. And that’s still the reality in some companies.
Now-a-days, embracing the “Agile world”, QA has a completely new meaning. It’s no longer a “QA Role” in a “QA Team”, it’s more like a continuous activity of a team determined to deliver value with quality. And guess what, there’s no longer a specific person executing the tests! So what does the old “QA specialist” do in a team like this? Well… A lot! The mission is to set Quality as an essential value in what we deliver as a scrum team. And yes, this means immense cooperation to anticipate and prevent impacts, create awareness, assist the team on testing and finding new ways to improve on process and tools as a team.
This is the story of Jumia Travel shifting the mentality on “Quality”, and challenges we are willing to face.


Working on Quality Assurance for the past 3 years, and over the last year as Head of QA @ Jumia Travel, I’ve been an enthusiastic about processes and methodologies and how we can improve our Quality practices as a whole. I’ve been focused on learning new tools, frameworks and techniques to make sure that “Quality” is the core value for development teams. And no matter the reality we’re in, what makes it possible to deliver a reliable and relevant system or product is to focus on Quality, continuously.