Integration patterns between Kafka and Couchbase

Manuel Hurtado

Kafka is becoming a powerful tool in integration scenarios between Couchbase and other systems. In this session, we will start with a small refreshment of Kafka and Couchbase, to immerse in the different options of integration, with different demos.
We will use the Kafka Connector for Couchbase, and we will show different scenarios, in which Couchbase is the origin or destination of a data stream. Where are you?
I know Kafka, but not Couchbase: you’ll see how to interact with Couchbase from Kafka like Source or Sink, with minimal effort. I know Couchbase, but not Kafka. Two use cases: A. Data backup with filters and transformations. B. Reproduces the sequence of mutations from a Couchbase database.
I know Couchbase and Kafka: You’ll see how to integrate easily with Kafka; Filters, transformations and process management.


Manuel Hurtado is a Couchbase Solutions Engineer, with more than 15 years of experience helping companies to architect their systems, as developer, consultant, trainer and project manager. Happy to learn from the field how people use technology to success.