User Authentication: Look ma, no servers!

Daniel Loureiro

Jumia is an ecosystem of nine different companies operating in 22 different countries in Africa. Jumia employs 3000 people and serves 15 million users/month.
A initiative was started to centralize authentication for all Jumia users in all countries for all companies.
Let me take you on a journey on how we accomplished that by designing a serverless architecture on Amazon Web Services with security compliances in mind.


I’ve been working in IT industry for more than 11 years, 8+ as a System Engineer, 2 and counting as a Security Engineer. Currently I’m responsible for the Security Team of Jumia. Throw me a tech challenge and the game is on!
Outside of work what I love most is spend time with my family, play with my kid, ride and tinker with my motorcycles!
“Live to ride, ride to live”