Kubernetes – Hands-On Demos for Container Orchestration

Bruno Terkaly

This session is about the future of distributed computing and how both enterprises and ISVs are running server-based applications at scale on large clusters. The session is a step-by-step walkthrough that will guide you to building out a web service that runs on Kubernetes, leveraging Python and Flask to implement the web component. It also includes a REDIS caching layer in addition to a MySQL database This presentation will provide both conceptual and concrete hands-on guidance that will help new and existing developers better understand how companies such as Twitter, AirBnB, Netflix run server-based applications at massive scale, leveraging containerization and cluster orchestration technologies. Participants will better understand the trends and future direction of modern distributed computing and how the Azure Container Service provides a vendor neutral and 100% open source solution.


Principal Software Engineer - Cloud Architect - Open Source/Linux - Global ISV at Microsoft