Testing travel guide to continuous delivery

Andre Carmo

In a fast paced and agile world, frequent deliveries of software became a main thing. Organizations have to move fast so that they can deliver high value to their customers. Continuous Delivery is a major trend in tech industry, but we cannot compromise quality for speed.
So, how can you adapt your growing test suite so that you are not trapped in a “slow” delivery? How can you divide tests in types and levels for a better optimization of the testing process? What tests should you have for your specific project? This talk aims to explain how to deliver better software in a fast way at the same time.


André Carmo is a Test Automation Lead at Farfetch. He has been helping the Farfetch tech team to have better continuous delivery by spreading the word about test automation, and by developing testing tools and frameworks. With 5+ years of experience in software testing, he was also a software developer in the past. He is very happy to learn new things from new people. Besides technology, running is one of his hobbies: André is a half marathoner.