Cristiano Correia

Cristiano Correia

Senior Frontend Engineer @ Zalando SE & UX Designer


With a background in engineering and design, my focus has always been building great products and great experiences.

I've been working continuously as a Frontend Engineer and UX Designer since 2012 across Portugal, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany on a multitude of roles ranging from design, development and management. Currently I'm a Frontend Engineer at the Digital Experience Hub of Zalando, here in Lisbon.

Having contributed to and used multiple Design Systems, that's my favorite way of mixing both of my backgrounds on a project. I also have a soft spot for Accessibility and I'm always focused on trying to deliver in the most Agile way.

a11y, who?

It's not a lie that the vast majority of web projects start without having Accessibility (a11y, for friends) in mind and it becomes daunting to go back and fix it.

Whit this in mind, let's change that.

I'm going to guide you through all the loops by: explaining the different accessibility categories; showing how to test your applications; and demonstrating how to fix the un-fixable: making a non-accessible product, accessible.